Reason “is natural honey good for you”

Exactly how do you understand if honey (mật ong) readies high quality? For centuries as well as with no aid from the human race, have actually produced nature’s most constantly tasty as well as functional sugar. All-natural honey is tasty,… Read More


Top 5 benifits of honey

1. Cure wounds and burns External treatment with honey raw (mật ong nguyên chất) has been shown to be effective in the same way as traditional silver sulfadiazine (manufactured as topical creams for the prevention and treatment of infections in… Read More

Autumn Newsletter 2017

Autumn Newsletter 2017

Dear Parent/Carer, It is hard co believe  it is already  the Christmas  holiday. “This term seems co have flown by and we have certainly  been working hard.  I am continually so proud of the achievement of our students and staff.… Read More