Planning For Progress
The student flight plan uses KS2 data from Primary School to predict ambitious yet realistic outcomes for our students here at SSCS. We then use this to set challenging yet achievable targets. We expect the vast majority of students to make at least 3 levels of progress and we expect many to make 4 levels of progress. This means that almost every student is expected to attain at least grade C in their GCSE’s. The vast majority of our students are expected to attain grades B, A and A* at GCSE. Where students are not making enough progress, even though their attainment may appear good, the school will take action to support students progress. This is often the case for higher attaining students who find it hard to achieve grades A and A*.
In order to ensure equality, the school has a firm commitment to narrowing gaps in progress between all student groups. While supporting every student, we will particularly target vulnerable groups of students such as those claiming a free school meal or those with a special educational need.