Japanese Snacks

In Japanese cooking, there are more than just noodles and rice with sauces. There are many great snacks that these cooks make too. These are some of the best Japanese snacks to sample.

Karume yaki
This is a Japanese cake that is made with brown sugar. The cake is cooked so that the sugar can caramelize. This cake is also known as baked caramel.

This is a sweet cake that is shaped like a fish. While there are not fish products used in this cake it does have an interesting shape. This cake is then filled with a sweet jam. Red bean paste is a popular choice but as long as the filling is sweet there can be variations.

This is a dish that is made with the adzuki bean but it does have a sweet taste. It tastes so good that people are willing to eat these beans as a snack. These beans are covered with refined sugar. Once they are coated they are cooked in sugar syrup and allowed to dry. They are easy to snack on once they have dried.

This is similar to what people around the world know as a snow cone. This snack is shaved ice with a syrup topping. There are many different flavors of syrup to select from.

This snack is a Japanese dumpling. It is made with rice flour and has a sweet taste.

Umai Bo
This is a savory snack. Corn is made into a dough and is allowed to cook so that it becomes puffy. This snack can then be flavored with many different toppings based on what a person likes to eat.

These are some of the best snacks in Japan. They are tasty and will allow a person to experience something new at snack time.All of these snacks can be packed and purchased over the internet.